Anti Chafing Workout Shorts: 5 Comfortable Gym Shorts

Chafing is a common problem among active individuals, especially runners and exercisers. It occurs when the skin rubs against clothing and causes discomfort and even pain. These anti chafing workout shorts are particularly designed to prevent this from happening. Not only do they prevent thigh rubbing, but many of them are also designed to wick sweat and provide compression so you can keep going for the full distance.

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5 Comfortable Workout Shorts That Can Prevent Chafing

So, if you want to avoid chafing while running, a pair of anti chafing workout shorts is the perfect solution for you. Here are 5 anti chafing workout shorts that prevent chafing available on the market. 


ASICS Men’s Silver 7’’ 2-n-1 Shorts

Are you looking for a pair of shorts that will protect your legs from chafing during your next workout or race?  The men’s silver 7’’ 2-n-1 shorts from ASICS are one to consider. They’re made from a soft, lightweight woven fabric and come with an inner sprinter for support, an elasticated waistband with a flat draw cord, and stretch mesh side panels.

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ASICS Men's Silver workout short
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They’re also available in a variety of colors and are perfect for speedy sessions. They feature a deep split at the side for freedom of movement, a hidden pocket inside the garment, and reflective Asics branding.

These shorts are incredibly light and breezy, so you’ll clock up the PBs before lunch. They also have a comfortable drawcord waistband and a small drop-in pocket for your house keys.


Runderwear(tm) Women’s Anti-Chafe Shorts

If you’ve been struggling with chafing, thigh rubs or chub-rub this summer, investing in anti chafing workout shorts is the best way to keep your legs comfortable. These thigh-protection shorts are made with materials that wick away sweat, which helps prevent friction between the skin and thighs.

The Runderwear(tm) Women’s Anti-Chafe Shorts come in a seamless design, which is ideal if you’re looking to keep your skin free from irritation. They’re also available in a pack of five, which is a great saving over buying individual pairs.

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Women’s Anti-Chafe Shorts
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These shorts are ideal for fuller figures, especially those with a pear shape. The high-rise fabric sculpts your waist, while the stretchy material aims to stop thigh rubs and sweat gathering. They’re also tagless and smooth, ensuring a line-free look under dresses and skirts.


Nike Mens Dri-Fit Challenger 5″ BF Short

Nike Challenger 7′′ Shorts are a great option for runners that want to keep chafing to a minimum. They feature a lightweight woven fabric that is made from at least 75% recycled polyester fibers. They also have Dri-FIT technology that helps you stay dry and comfortable.

The Nike Challenger shorts come in a variety of colors to choose from. They also feature an adjustable waistband and a drawstring closure.

These are a good choice if you’re looking for a more affordable pair of anti chafing workout shorts. They have a stretchy inner brief to help you move freely during your run and are breathable.

You can wear these shorts alone or layer them under another pair of shorts if you like. The stretchy inner layer will provide extra support, and the tight fit will keep chafing to a minimum.

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Nike Mens Dri-Fit Challenger 5" BF Short


These anti chafing running shorts are available in several colors and have an adjustable waistband to keep them in place while you run. They also have a zippered side pocket that can fit most smartphones.


Bandelettes(r) Anti-Chafe Thigh Bands

Thigh chafing is a problem that affects women of all ages, sizes, and body structures. It can be uncomfortable and can even cause painful redness and swelling.

Fortunately, anti-chafing options allow you to look sexy without worrying about the risk of your shorts or underwear riding up. For instance, these Bandelettes(r) Anti-Chafe Thigh Bands are a breathable and comfortable alternative to long underwear or leggings that are made of delicate stretchy lace.

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 Anti-Chafe Thigh Bands
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These Anti-Chafe Thigh Bands wrap around the thighs to end skin rubbing and chafing, and they’re secured with two rows of non-slip silicone inside. They’re also lightweight and stylish, looking great under dresses, skirts, or other tight clothing.

They come in six sizes and 14 color and style variations, so you can pick the best outfit. However, it’s recommended that you measure your thighs first.


Under Armour Men’s Raid Shorts

These shorts are made from a lightweight, breathable material and feature an anti-odor technology that can help to keep it smelling fresh. They also have a 4-way stretch construction, which helps to provide you with a full range of motion. They also feature an adjustable waistband that helps to keep them in place and prevent chafing.

Best Under Armour Men’s Raid Workout Gym Shorts

Under Armour Men's Raid Shorts
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Q1. What are the benefits of wearing anti-chafing workout shorts?

The main benefit of wearing anti-chafing workout shorts is that they help to reduce friction and irritation caused by repetitive motion during a workout.

Q2. How should anti-chafing workout shorts fit?

Anti-chafing workout shorts should fit snugly but not too tight. They should be loose enough to allow for full range of motion but not too loose that they become baggy and cause friction.

Q3. Are anti chafing workout shorts washable?

Yes, anti-chafing workout shorts are usually machine washable and should be hung to dry. It is necessary to read and follow the care instructions on the garment’s label for best results.