Chris Chelios Workout Plan

Chris Chelios is a retired professional ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League for 26 seasons. Now that he is retired from professional hockey but Chris Chelios remains active by doing workout out on a daily basis. His age can’t stop him from handling the physical intensity of high-level hockey.  Chelios’s workout routine is based on the philosophy of functional training. Functional training is a type of exercise that focuses on training the body to perform everyday activities more efficiently. This type of training is said to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

chris chelios workout plan

Chelios has a strong hockey background and a lot of respect from his peers. The Hall of Famer has won two Stanley Cups and three Norris Trophies. Although Chris Chelios was a naturally gifted player, he had to work hard to play at a high level. Unlike many other players, he needed a minimum of three training sessions per week. In comparison to T.R., he only had one training period a year. So while Chris Chelios’ training schedule was probably very different from T.R.’s, he was more focused on physical fitness.

Now, If you want a killer beach body, you’ll want to check out Chris Chelios workout plan. Chelios’s workout plan is based on the principle of getting into good shape and staying in shape all year long. He worked out every single day, paddleboarding or biking up and down the coast of California for 40 miles and 16 miles each. He also played basketball until he was 48 years old.

How to do the Chris Chelios workout  perfectly?

In this article, we will take a look at the Muscular Endurance Phase, Strength phase and  high performance phase of Chelios’ workout routine. 

Muscular Endurance Phase

To maintain his title as one of the fittest athletes in the NHL, Chris Chelios goes through a vigorous workout routine that includes a lot of time spent in the gym. In this phase of his workout, he focuses on building muscular endurance.

Some of the exercises that Chris Chelios uses to build muscular endurance are stated below:

1. Sled drags – This is where Chelios ties a sled to his waist and drags it for a set distance. This exercise is great for building endurance in the legs and glutes.

2. Farmer’s carry – This is an exercise where Chelios carries two heavy weights in each hand and walks for a set distance. This is a great all-around exercise for building endurance and strength in the arms, legs, and core.

3. Prowler push – This is an exercise where Chelios pushes a weighted sled for a set distance. This exercise is great for building endurance in the legs and glutes.

4. Sandbag clean and press – This is an exercise where Chelios cleans a sandbag off the ground and presses it overhead. This is a great exercise for building endurance and strength in the arms, legs, and core.

5. Kettlebell swings – This is an exercise where Chelios swings a kettlebell between his legs and then up overhead. This is a great exercise for building endurance and strength in the arms, legs, and core.

Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell swings

By performing these exercises, Chris Chelios is able to maintain his title as one of the fittest athletes in the NHL.

Strength phase

Chelios’s Strength phase  consists of three main elements: weightlifting, plyometrics, and power skating. 

Weightlifting: Chelios lifts weights four days a week. He focuses on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups, such as the squat, bench press, and deadlift. He also does some isolation exercises, such as biceps curls and triceps extensions.

Plyometrics: Chelios does plyometric exercises three days a week. These are explosive movements that help to improve power and explosiveness. Examples of plyometric exercises include jump squats, box jumps, and medicine ball throws.

Power skating: Chelios works on his power skating two days a week. This involves skating at high speeds and working on strides and turns.

Chelios’s workout is designed to help him improve his strength, power, and explosiveness. By doing this workout, he is able to maintain a high level of play despite his age.

High Performance Phase

In this phase, Chris Chelios’ workout is all about high performance. He focuses on improving his cardiovascular fitness, strength, and power. He also works on his agility and coordination. This phase lasts for 6 weeks.

This is the phase where Chelios is training for the upcoming season. He is working on his conditioning, strength, and agility.

Chelios starts his day with a light breakfast and then heads to the gym. He starts with a light warm-up on the elliptical machine or the bike. He then moves on to his lifting routine. Chelios is known for his heavy lifting. He works on all the major muscle groups with a focus on his legs and core.

After lifting routine, Chelios moves on to his conditioning. He does a variety of drills to work on his speed, agility, and endurance. Chelios is always looking to improve his conditioning so he can be at the top of his game.

After his conditioning, Chelios heads to the rink for skating drills. He works on his skating stride and technique. Chelios is always looking to improve his skating so he can be the best defenseman in the league.

Creating a periodized workout

Chelios’ workout routine is challenging, and it requires extreme strength and energy. This is an exercise regimen that has seen amazing results for players. This workout program is designed by Chris Chelios’ personal trainer, T.R. Goodman, who trains more than 25 players in the NHL. Goodman ensures that the workout is as varied as possible and that the athlete does not overtrain.

Maintaining a healthy diet

Aside from a solid hockey workout plan, Chelios maintains a healthy diet and a well-rounded lifestyle. He’s a father of four and an entrepreneur. He also has a passion for physical competition. He also has a passion for cooking and runs his own restaurant. Cheli’s Chili Bar in Detroit. He’s a great role model for young athletes and entrepreneurs; we can learn from his routine.